The mission of The Leaguers, Incorporated is to enhance the quality of life for children and families through diverse educational and cultural programs that foster self-growth, personal empowerment and pride in one’s community.  We believe in “Opportunity through Education.”  We are committed to the Head Start/Early Head Start philosophy that parents are the primary educators of their children and our partners in providing comprehensive services.


The Leaguers, Incorporated, one of Newark, New Jersey’s largest social service agencies, has administered Head Start Services a comprehensive early childhood education program children and families for over forty years, with responsibility for serving 1088 children in Newark, Irvington, Elizabeth, Roselle, and Union Township.


The Leaguers, Incorporated, was founded in 1943 by Mrs. Mary Burch, incorporating in 1948 becoming the oldest incorporated African American social agency in the state.  Mrs. Burch organized a group of youth in her neighborhood as the Junior Leaguers.  These young men and women were introduced to enrichment and recreational programs that prepared them for college, social and productive lives.  The mission of this multi-service community organization has been to enhance the quality of life for children and families.


The Leaguers, Incorporated, opened their doors for Head Start services as a delegate in 1965 at 750 Clinton Avenue in Newark with two classrooms.  Ms. Veronica E. Ray the current Director began her employment with The Leaguers, Inc. in 1981 as an Education Coordinator, she was promoted to Head Start Director in 1985, two years later under the leadership of Ms. Ray, The Leaguers, Incorporated, applied for and became a Head Start grantee.  Ms. Ray now serves as the Executive Director/CEO of The Leaguers, Inc.


In 1986 The Leaguers, Incorporated, acquired the only Head Start program in Irvington serving one facility with eighty (80) children, which has expanded to two Head Start Center’s funded for one hundred and twenty children (120).  The Leaguers, Inc., has continued to expand their Head Start services into Union County with sites in Elizabeth, Roselle, and Union Township serving over one thousand families.  This increased the opportunities for one Hundred and fifty four (154) families in Roselle, one Hundred ninety five (195) in Elizabeth, and sixty eight (68) in Union Township.


Continuing to be sensitive and responsive to community needs, 2010, The Leaguers, Incorporated, received an Early Head Start grant to serve fifty-six (56) families (32 center-based and 24 pregnant women).  Our program focuses on the healthy cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development of infants and toddlers, while promoting healthy outcomes for pregnant women and supporting positive family relationships.


Today, The Leaguers, Incorporated, still continues to provide a wide range of services for children and families in our community.






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