Early Head Start/Head Start

The Leaguers, Inc. Early Head Start /Head Start Program recognizes the importance of preparing children (birth to five) for success in school and later in life.  We believe that the social emotional development of young children and early responsive relationships are key in fostering cognitive development.  Walk into a Leaguers classroom and it makes a powerful statement!  At The Leaguers, children from birth to five experience school readiness and supportive, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate learning environments.

The Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum is the blue print for planning and implementing developmentally appropriate lessons for children in the classroom.  The curriculum is effective in helping children acquire social/emotion, language, physical, and cognitive skills needed to succeed in and beyond Early Head Start/Head Start school setting.  It’s a research based tool that takes in consideration the different ways children learn including children with disabilities.

ESI-R Screening(Early Screening Inventory-Revised)

The ESI-R is a screening tool that determines where a child is developmentally to guide and support planning with the participation of families.  Head Start ACT mandates that each child is screened within 45 days of enrollment. 

Gold Assessment

Teachers measure children’s knowledge, skills and behaviors that are most indicative of school readiness via Gold Assessment System.   The assessment data helps the teacher to determine what the child knows and what he/she is able to do.  As a result, Teachers guide and support children’s learning to help children and families prepare for school as well as set educational goals for each individual child.  Teachers are able to convey children’s progress of development and learning over time.   All reports are shared during parent teacher conferences.